States of Guernsey: Building Regulations

Building Regulations Application Websearch

Use this screen to search for Building Regulation applications. Entries are not case sensitive capitals or lower case may be used.

There are two methods to search for an application record.

By Application Reference No. This is the number used on any correspondence about the application and will be something similar to FP/2009/1234.

By Address. You can search on any part of the site address as long as you place a % sign before and after the word e.g %frossard% will give you all the applications at Sir Charles Frossard House.

When you get too many results you can narrow the search by specifying a date range like the Date Received or Date Decided and provide a range of dates or months.

If you do not know the Application Reference Number or are unsure of the address then use the Building Control Applications Webmap and try to find the site on the interactive map.

Information provided by this service is updated overnight at the end of each day.

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